If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact Bridges and we will get back to you. Our goal is to help you enhance your child's communication.

How do I know my child needs speech or language therapy?

An initial indicator of a child needing therapy includes late talking. Children begin using words at one and by two years are combining words into short phrases and sentences. If you find you are always repeating yourself, asking lots of questions, translating for family members, or your child is frustrated when they try to communicate it may signal a delay in your child's development. Pediatricians can also lend insight. When in doubt, ask a speech language pathologist

How do I make an appointment?

Complete the contact form. Bridges will contact you over the phone to gather your initial concerns. From that information, you and the therapist will determine if a consultation, screening or evaluation is needed. You will complete an intake agreement and after the therapist has determined your child's needs, therapy sessions are scheduled.

How much does it cost?

Bridges does not currently accept or submit payment from insurance. Payment from the parent/guardian is required at the end of each session Clients need to check with their insurance companies to see if their insurance provider allow payment via HSA or FSA. Rates of service are discussed during the intake phone call.